What to do with ashes after a cremation

After a direct cremation, you have the choice of your loved one’s ashes being returned to you. You can then choose what you do with them.

What to do with ashes

There are lots of options for what can be done with ashes following cremation, as simple or as grand as you like, suiting the individual and what made them unique. Here are some popular ideas:

Do I need to get permission to scatter ashes?

In the UK, there are few restrictions or laws for where you can scatter ashes. 
When scattering ashes on private land, you will need the landowner’s permission for the scattering itself, and for future visitation as well.
If you wish to scatter ashes at sea, or at another body of water, this can be done without legal permission. The same applies to national or public parks and other green spaces. We would recommend choosing a quiet location with no crowds; perhaps visit at quieter times for a more private experience.

Making a Meaningful Memorial

To help you arrange something personal, at a time convenient for you and your loved ones, we have put together our ‘Making a Meaningful Memorial’ pack which will be sent to you along with the return of the ashes. If you would like a copy of this, please contact us.