Compare Direct Cremation Costs

One simple cost, no added extras. Our promise to you.

Direct Cremations are a simple and cost-effective funeral option. You are able to coordinate a funeral without the stress and pressure of a traditional funeral, as well as removing the often-unwanted and expensive extras.

We’ve chosen to keep things simple; we offer a single, final price, that includes everything you will need. This means that while we don’t initially appear to be the cheapest option, other companies will often end up charging you more for additional services such as doctor’s fees and the return of the ashes. The only time there may be an additional fee is if we are required to collect the person who has died from a Care Home or Residential Address. 

We understand that during what can be an upsetting and stressful time, having to compare providers is both time consuming and often confusing. To help you, we have collated some information about different funeral costs.

Liberty Cremations

UK Average Direct Cremation

UK Average Cremation Funeral

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