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Direct Cremation Funeral Plans from £1,995

Giving you the Liberty to Choose

We’ll make it easy for you to arrange a modern, fuss-free funeral that reflects you or your loved one’s life. Direct cremations are unattended, cheaper alternatives to traditional services, covering necessary formalities that leave you and your family the freedom to choose what happens next.

We offer one funeral plan type, our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan
from just £1,995 or £145.50 per month.

Why Choose A Funeral Plan From Liberty Cremations?

We offer Direct Cremation services anywhere in England and Wales. With our own dedicated team of experienced professionals and our own vehicle fleet and mortuaries, we will support you with the high-quality service you’d expect. 

Our carefully selected network of crematoria allows us to remove the additional, and often expensive, traditional extras to offer a simpler service that is at a lower cos.


No hidden extras: Doctor’s fees and return of ashes costs included


Continue to remember: receive free guidance on arranging a memorial or celebration


No need for funeral home visits: arrange a funeral remotely


Highly experienced team, access to handpicked crematoria

Our Direct Cremation funeral plan

At Liberty Cremations, we like to keep things simple. That is why we offer just one funeral plan type, our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan from just £1,995 or £145.50 per month. Other companies may provide a variety of plan types all with different costs and fancy names, which are then confusing to understand exactly what is and is not included.

Our one simple funeral plan includes everything needed for an unattended direct cremation. It ensures your funeral is arranged and paid for in advance and a contribution is made towards disbursements* (third party fees). If you choose to include the £199 Golden Leaves Disbursement Guarantee** as part of your plan, then all funeral costs and disbursements (third party fees) are fully paid for in advance so you can be assured knowing that when the time comes, your funeral has already been paid for and arranged.

What is included in our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan

Our funeral plan includes everything required for a direct cremation as follows:

*Disbursements In the course of arranging a funeral, other third-party charges are incurred. These can include fees from the certificating doctor, the celebrant or church and the crematorium and are not included in the price of our plans. Your plan includes a contribution towards these disbursements which will be invested in the Golden Leaves Trust but we cannot guarantee that this investment will grow to match the cost of these at time of need so it is possible that there may be a balance to pay which your next-of-kin or estate may need to settle at time of need.
**Golden Leaves Disbursement Guarantee: When you buy one of our plans, we guarantee to provide the purchased funeral services at time of need with nothing further to pay but other third-party charges may be incurred. These can include fees from the certificating doctor, the celebrant or church and the crematorium and are not included in the price of our plans. If you choose to make a contribution to these costs when you buy a plan, it is possible that the cost at time of need will be more than your contribution and a balance may need to be paid by your estate or next-of-kin. If you wish to safeguard your loved ones against any possible increase in these costs, you can purchase the Golden Leaves Disbursements Guarantee. This means that there will be no further cremation fee costs to pay: these costs and the Doctors’ fees will be fully covered by Golden Leaves whenever the funeral takes place. The cost of the Golden Leaves Disbursement Guarantee is shown above.

Our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan Price

We offer one funeral plan type, our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan from just £1,995 or £145.50 per month. Our simple to understand plan includes everything required for a direct cremation.
You can pay the amount in full or across instalments for up to 12 months. We require a £299 Golden Leaves upfront arrangement fee for instalment plans.

The tables below illustrates the costs:

Please note that if you have been told by a medical practitioner that you have any illness or condition which may cause death in the 12 months after you take a plan, the instalment option is not available.

Working in partnership with Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

By law Funeral Directors are not able to hold funds for future funeral costs. To comply with UK financial law and regulations, Funeral Directors work with plan providers to manage and hold funds, legally, for future funeral costs. 

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans administers the funeral plan payments that are paid into the Golden Leaves Trust. The Trust’s accounts are audited by independent auditors and valued by independent actuaries. Golden Leaves Funeral Plans is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.

Safe and secure Investing

A Funeral plan is not an investment product, but a secure way of paying for a funeral in advance. All plan funds received by Golden Leaves Funeral Plans is invested by the Golden Leaves Trust. The Trust is conservatively managed with a range of investments selected to increase the funds available to pay for the funerals in the future and will make sure the value of any plan continues to grow to cover all outstanding liabilities of the services guaranteed to be provided as itemised in any funeral plan.

Golden Leaves Trust’s accounts are monitored annually by independent actuaries and are also independently audited. Your money can only be withdrawn when the time comes to pay for the funeral services or if you cancel the plan. The Golden Leaves Trust is a separate legal entity from Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, with independent managing Trustees, so the funds are secure to cover funeral costs in the unlikely event that Golden Leaves Funeral Plans should cease to trade.

Costs and Charges disclosure

Please note that Golden Leaves retain £299 from the cost of your plan for administration over the life of your plan. The cost of what you pay is invested in the Golden Leaves Trust. The rest of what you pay is invested in the Golden Leaves Trust to pay the appointed Funeral Director and the other costs of the agreed funeral.

In summary

Our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan is as simple as the funeral itself. You can have the peace of mind knowing that the funeral will be planned and paid for in advance as well as the security in knowing that your money is safe and secure.
As a reminder:

Benefits of having a funeral plan with Liberty Cremations:

Frequently asked questions about direct cremation funeral plans

You shouldn’t worry about taking the decision to make your plans now, we know that circumstances change throughout the years so we are happy to take direction from you should you wish to make changes to your initial plan. Although certain additions may increase the cost, you can be certain that the details you want will be respected in the service you get.

If you pay by monthly Instalments and you die before your final payment, then the plan guarantees are not in place. However, if the outstanding balance is paid immediately to Golden Leaves by your family or estate, then the full benefits of the plan will apply. If the outstanding balance cannot be met, then the plan will be cancelled in line with our terms and conditions of sale and the remaining funds (after the deduction of the cancellation fee) will be refunded to the plan purchaser.