Pre-paid Funeral Plans from £1795

At Liberty Cremations, we like to keep things simple. That is why we offer just one funeral plan type: our Direct Cremation Funeral Plan from only £1795.00 or £28.60 per month, available across England and Wales.

Peace of Mind

Whether it is for your own peace of mind or to help a loved one prepare, you can rest assured knowing that everything is covered.

100% Guaranteed

The funeral cost is 100% guaranteed once the plan has been paid in full. The money is held in an Independent Trust until the funeral is required.

Flexible Payments

You can pay in one lump sum, or you may spread the cost across 5 years. Start today with a deposit of only £250.

How It Works

A direct cremation is a simple, cost-effective funeral. A direct cremation plan covers all the necessary elements required of a funeral by law and gives you more control over your goodbye style.

Included in the plan

Our trust-based plan is 100% guaranteed. It is not an investment product but a secure way of paying for a funeral in advance. Find out more about our Trust.

Payment Options

We offer a variety of payment plans to suit your finances. You can pay the amount in full or across instalments for up to 5 years. We require a £250 deposit for instalment plans.

About The Trust

Funeral Directing companies are not able to hold funds for future funeral costs, and to comply with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, Plan with Grace Ltd was created. Liberty Cremations is a part of CPJ Field, a UK-based funeral director for over 325 years. CPJ Field is a co-owner of Plan with Grace Ltd. Plan with Grace Ltd administers the funeral plan payments paid into the Plan with Grace Funeral Payment Trust. The Trust’s accounts are audited by independent auditors and valued by independent actuaries. Plan with Grace Ltd is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority. 

Your money is secure and safe

A Funeral Plan is not an investment product but a secure way of paying for a funeral in advance. All plan funds received by Plan with Grace Ltd are invested by the Plan with Grace Funeral Payment Trust. The Trust is conservatively managed with a range of investments selected to increase the funds available to pay for the funerals in the future and will make sure the value of any plan continues to grow to cover all outstanding liabilities of the services guaranteed to be provided as itemised in any funeral plan. 

Plan with Grace Funeral Payment Trust’s accounts are monitored annually by independent actuaries and are also independently audited. Your money can only be withdrawn when the time comes to pay for the funeral services or if you cancel the plan. 

The Plan With Grace Funeral Payment Trust is a separate legal entity from Plan With Grace Ltd, with independent managing Trustees, so the funds are secure to cover funeral costs in the unlikely event that Plan With Grace Ltd should cease to trade.