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Types of Funeral

When someone has died there are many different options available, and this can be overwhelming and confusing for the person organising the funeral. To help provide some clarity, here we explain the different types of funeral available in the UK.

Burial or Cremation?

Fundamentally there are two main options for a funeral, a burial or cremation. Then there are memorial ideas which can be as unique, extravagant or simple as you like. Let’s start with the basics:
Burials account for around 25% of the total funerals conducted in the UK and are usually the more expensive option with an average cost in the UK of approximately £4975.00. A natural burial in a natural burial ground is considered the most environmentally friendly however there are things to take into account to measure this such as distance travelled etc. Some religions require burials such as Judaism and Islam as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Catholic church does not forbid cremation but advises the ashes should be interred if cremation is chosen.
Cremations now account for about 75% of the total funerals conducted in the UK and are often the cheaper funeral option with an average cost in the UK of approximately £3838.00. A cremation is usually more flexible than a burial with separate ceremonies being held to have the committal, and scattering or interring of ashes. Sikhs and Hindus choose cremation, although Sikhs consider a burial fine if a cremation is not possible. Buddhists commonly choose cremation however a burial is also acceptable.
Liberty Cremations support with a direct cremation service, sometimes referred to as a no ceremony funeral, for one total price of £1,595.00. We can provide a no fuss funeral without the need for any trips to the local Funeral Director and without the need to empty your wallet! A direct cremation provides a simple cremation service with the return of ashes to you, this convenient and low cost option then allows you to hold a memorial service or scattering ceremony at a time more convenient for you, your friends and family. 
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If you would prefer a burial service, please feel free to contact us. Despite us not offering this option, we can direct you to a company who can help.