Covid-19 FAQs

The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused many problems and restrictions, including affecting funeral arrangements. At Liberty Cremations, we have remained well-informed and updated on what can and cannot be done and we are experienced in how to safely work during these times.

Can I arrange a funeral during covid-19?

Yes. While traditional funerals have been impacted by social distancing guidelines in the UK, direct cremations have been for the most part unaffected.
A direct cremation is unattended, and therefore the service can go ahead without delay. Many people are then choosing to delay their memorials until a later date.

How do I arrange a funeral if I am self-isolating?

Liberty Cremations operates entirely remotely. Our direct cremation service, simple pricing structure and high quality of care can all be organised by telephone and paid for either online or with a member of our telephone team.

Can I hold a remembrance event after the service?

A direct cremation does not include a traditional attended ceremony, but that does not mean memorials cannot be organised and held after the service. Currently, while covid-19 social distancing restrictions apply, it may be that you prefer to delay your memorial – a direct cremation gives you this option and allows you to delay to a time that is most convenient and comfortable for you. Find out more about ‘Making a Meaningful Memorial’.